Sprint 1 : Idea Generation and Initial Prototyping

I’m always bad at figuring out how to structure these sorts of posts. I guess I should just start writing.

The difficulty with these kinds of projects– the kind you have to do as a class– is always scope. You really need to consider scope. It puts a damper on creativity,  having to think “Do I have the resources and time and skills available to pull this thing off?” ever time a new idea enters your head. I ended up with a list of 10 ideas to contribute to my teams brainstorming session. I considered everything from a janitorial RTS to a VR melding of “Keep Calm and Nobody Explodes” and “Steel Battalion” Above all of those, my favorite idea that I pitched was of the “Highly Agile FPS” In its initial concept it was a Multiplayer Couch Competitive FPS with an emphasis on fast paced and vertical movement, and the inclusion of only splash-damage based weaponry. Players would take damage in the form of “Launch Percentage” Much the same way that damage in Super Smash Brothers works. The more damage you take, the higher and farther you fly. You would score points by knocking people off the floating arena you would fight in. Obviously this idea would need to evolve as the team iterated through the design process. I was fairly certain this particular idea would be picked by the team. It also helped that I came to the planning meeting with a limited prototype already underway to showcase to the rest of the team.


(Inital Prototype Brought to Planning Meeting)

This prototype had a series of issues and poorly implemented features but it was strong enough to impress the rest of the team and I was given the go ahead to iterate on what I had brought to the meetings as one of three ideas that the team was going to prototype for this first goal.

As of the end of this sprint I’ve managed to firm up the controls to a point I’m honestly really proud of. But the biggest achievement was definitely getting the grenades to affect the Player Character. Because the CharacterMover component fakes its own physics interactions, I had to build my own impulse vector, which turned out to be a lot harder than I expected.


Eventually I’d like to document exactly how I went accessing the CharacterMover’s add impulse node, as well as the math that went into the solution, but its almost 11PM and I want to get some sleep.

So thats where I stand with the prototype as of the beginning of this new sprint:


(The current state of the prototype at the end of the first sprint)