Devlog #3: Significant Progress (Tired Blog #1)

the time is now 3:00 AM

I knew one of these would happen eventually

These sprints have continued to be more and more productive from a sheer code and implementation standpoint. Honestly being able to implement all of the mechanics and develop the core feel of the movement is going to be extremely useful if this project continues on for further development.


Current Emotional State, In Gif Form

I’m quite busy working on turning the movement tech demo that I’ve developed into a full prototype for the purposes of passing the challenge. I’ll list what I implemented below:

  • refined movment based off of qa feedback
  • implemented controller support
  • added a death state
  • added health pickups
  • refined placeholder effects
  • minor tweaks to debuggrenade

And Here’s a gif of a build that took in the middle of this sprint (sprint #3) (1).gif

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