Devlog #5 Blocktober


Since its October, and apparently #Blocktober, I wanna share a bit about how we’re designing levels for Belly Of The Beast (working title)

I swear to god its not a vore thing I promise

For This Showpiece Level, We started at the concept for the game: A First Person Metroidvania-like game set inside a giant space whale  We Brainstormed how we should grey box this in a way that could also help convey the form of “inside an alien creature”

Concept art by Lead Artist Jodie Garner

I’m absolutely in love with the concept art. Its fun and cartoony and dynamic and visually interesting and the color scheme is great. We took these images as inspiration for how to design our levels.

Current Blockout with placeholder lighting.

I created a metrics document to ensure that the rest of the design team were all building levels to the same specifications. (Boost Jump Height is 10 meters, Dash Distance is 7.5 meters, the minimum width for a standing platform is 6 meters, etc). From there the design team sketches out a overview of the level and diagram out the basic flow. (I Wish I took a picture of the whiteboard to show that bit of the process). After we all agree on the basic events and beats to a level, I begin primary blocking out. This time I had work to do for other classes which meant that my Level Designer, Ian Cotner completed the second half of the block out. When he was finished I reviewed the level and  gave him notes, suggestions on how to improve the flow of the level and add more dynamic gameplay.

As this is our first time putting this level pipeline into practice, and as this is the very first level we’ve created for the game; it obviously has a lot of rough edges and is far more simple than what we have planned for the final product. But For a proof of concept I’m rather pleased to have it in the state that its in. The next phase is to have our enviroment artist, Tim Chartier do an art pass on it.

Next Devlog is going to be on the big question haunting this project since it was first greenlit.

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