Devlog #7: Stasis. (AKA It turns out I have other classes that ALSO have projects to do)

So, This week I had to catch up on my other classes. Last week I spent a considerable amount of time working on this project  in order to get mechanics to a testable state. That left this week for me to take a lighter workload.

I didn’t really add much; the biggest thing was a fix that stopped bullets ignoring collisons and basically becoming unkillable monsters that just floated around the level for ever. It also handily stopped them from clump up on each other making a single deadly Murderball. I also did some minor health adjustments based on feedback.

Oh yeah. And I refined the turrets so they allow for more variation. I added a series of new projectile types, there are both homing projectiles and linear projectiles now; as well as variations that are immune to airslamming and explosions. In addition designers can now customise the order and timing of the spawning of the projectiles. I intend to add a bit more to this, and since I’ve basically entered mechanics freeze.

I’m going to sleep early tonight so I’m not going to elaborate much further this week. It was essentially a recovery and adjustment week for me. I had to revise a few things based on Team Feedback. Maybe I’ll upload a video or gifs later.


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