Devlog 10: All Good Things…

The biggest, and possibly most bittersweet event this week is our team took a majority vote, and decided against presenting to move forward with development. On the one hand it means, I can finally sort of take a break; but on the other hand it does feel like,  we put in all this work, just to not even try to pitch to move forward. Ultimately I understand and Agree with my teammates decision.

Anyway This week I created a rudimentary objective indicator system and implemented basic tutorial dialogs. Since this is essentially the last sprint I doubt I’ll get the chance to go back and refine these systems I’ve implemented in this final stretch. At least, not for a while. This is definitely a project I’d like to come back to and polish up; but it’ll be nice to take a bit of a break. It’s been an all-consuming part of my life for a few too many all-nighters.  I’ll be publishing a full postmortem in the coming weeks. As of right now I’m gonna get some much needed sleep


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