Revenge of the Sick

So you know how last time I posted a rather short brief post where at the end I said I hoped I wasn’t sick next week. Well I spent most of the past 7 days in bed with a fever of 102. So I guess my wish wasn’t granted.

Being stuck in bed is sort of a bummer for morale and makes getting work done rather difficult. Despite my bedridden state I did manage to do at least contribute a little to the team’s work. To that end I played a boatload of single player fps’s and took a bunch of notes on their feedback systems and HUD/UI. Everything from Bioshock Infinite to FEAR to DOOM (2016) and even the newer Wolfenstine games.

On the few days I wasn’t feeling ill and awful I did more immediately and tangibly helpful work, like building an animated prefab for hit indication that the programmers can easily implement into the current HUD system that’s already in the game. It took only a little longer than I expected because I had to get used to SourceTree and the specific conventions this development team has for things like committing and merging and naming. I’m rather proud that I managed to get even that done this week given I was in the hospital TWICE this week. The plan for the rest of the sprint (now that I’m finally starting to feel a little better–thank god) is to finish up the HUD Overview and finish concepting out the updated HUD assets.

The other major thing I did to stay useful to the team was continue to interact and offer opinions, thoughts, and suggestions in the slack channel. The idea behind that was, even if I couldn’t go to the meetings directly because of my sickness, I could at least participate in the online conversations whenever I wasn’t asleep.

Obviously, overall this is a bit of a shaky start to the semester but as long as these meds work, and I heal on up, I’ll be more then able to jump back into my workload and get back on top of things! I just, really hope–knock on wood–that this really is the last of this awful hell illness that I’ve contracted.


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