ReMod 5: Hey the HUD got updated and stuff

So this week I spent most of my time revising HUD elements and then they were implemented, and then I revised them again

image (2).png



One of the big things I’m realizing is that I tend to backload most of my work to later in the sprint cycle. I plan to meet more often with the producer and start having due dates assigned to my tasks within the sprints so that they can be iterated on before next sprint.


remod 4 oops this ones late!

This week I’ve been mainly working on particle systems, and revising the work I’ve been doing on the HUD

The rest of what I’m going to be working on this week is more VFX work for the the third person character model, as well as special effects for the weapon parts when they’re on the ground. In addition I’m probably going to be revising my HUD designs based off feedback from the rest of the team.

Remod Log 3: Recovery

I LIVE! After 2 and a half weeks of being extraordinarily sick, I’m finally no longer bed ridden, and was able to get some pretty important stuff done this week.

My work on overhauling the HUD is progressing nicely. I’ve plotted out the changes I wish to implement, as well as produced the updated assets for the reticles, and most of the other HUD elements as well. (The ones I plan to do over the rest of the week are the final pass at the Health Bars, the time limit HUD and the capturepoint HUD)

The Core Ideas behind my changes to the HUD has been “give the players more, more usefulĀ  information.” The first changes I outlined were to the reticle. This week they’ve finally been mostly implemented. The goal is for the player to know what exactly their weapon is made up of without ever needing to actually look at the gun. The reticle changes based of the barrel type. The firing mechanism changes what ammo is being fired from the gun, so the ammo display changes to indicate what payload is being delivered.

I’m also advocating for the removal of the Comparison HUD as its misleading and doesn’t actually convey the radical difference between part types.

The other big thing I did during this past week, was draft up a document outlining a potential change to durability. something that solves, what I think to be one of the major issues of the overall game experience.

See, the initial implementation of durability had each part with its own individual durability, and parts could break independent of each other. It felt very gamey and restrictive, and on top of that it was poorly communicated. I outlined a change defining durability as an overall value of all the durability stats, divided by a penalty for having too many LEGENDARY items on the weapon.

I’m honestly so excited to be back to full health and able to work on this project to the extent I want to. I’m excited to be able to start getting into some of my favorite parts of my job. I get to update weapon VFX and start working on fun shaders to add to the “Neon Cyber punk” Direction that we want to take the art direction.