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Its getting harder and harder to find time to write these blogs as the Senior Show grows closer and closer. Its not all bad, Re[mod] is a phenominal game, and working on it has been a rewarding, exciting experience.  This past week I worked on Health effects, the rocket boost effect, revising and optimizing some of the other effects, and finalizing the bullet wall impact effect.

Since we’re so close to the end of development I’ve been tasked this week with a fun flashy effect: fireworks! I’ve only been working on it for about an hour but I have some Ideas in mind for how to really elevate the effect. 2018-04-07_21-45-52.gifezgif-5-9017dab3ea.gif








Remod blog post #???

I’ve missed a couple of blog posts along the way thanks to stuff like, Classes, and GDC getting in the way of my normal posts. But on that note. I WENT TO GDC! It was such a valuable experience for me. I got to meet a ton of really fantastic people, including making a lot of connections to the rest of the VFX sub-community. I also drank,  like, a lot? More than I’m used to. I feel like that’s sort of the point of GDC though– a bunch of people who work way to hard and are so incredibly passionate, getting together and nerding out over a lot of drinks. At least that was my experience! I’d specifically like to point out how cool the VFX meet up organized by the RealtimeVFX.com forums on tuesday was.


I worked on more VFX for re[mod] this week, as well as doing some general clean up as development on the project is wrapping up and things are going surprisingly smoothly.