Remod blog post #???

I’ve missed a couple of blog posts along the way thanks to stuff like, Classes, and GDC getting in the way of my normal posts. But on that note. I WENT TO GDC! It was such a valuable experience for me. I got to meet a ton of really fantastic people, including making a lot of connections to the rest of the VFX sub-community. I also drank,  like, a lot? More than I’m used to. I feel like that’s sort of the point of GDC though– a bunch of people who work way to hard and are so incredibly passionate, getting together and nerding out over a lot of drinks. At least that was my experience! I’d specifically like to point out how cool the VFX meet up organized by the forums on tuesday was.


I worked on more VFX for re[mod] this week, as well as doing some general clean up as development on the project is wrapping up and things are going surprisingly smoothly.


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