(Mini) Devlog #4 Sick Jumps

Its not even 4 days into the new sprint and I’ve already implemented a bunch of changes to the way you jump. Mainly I added a mechanic called “perfect Jump”. Because this game is supposed to have a degree of skill involved in it, I added as system where, if the player times their double jump so that it’s right near the apex of their jump, the double jump launches them in the direction they’re currently moving, changing direction on a dime. On top of this it also boosts the amount of air control they have to its maximum.

I consider Perfect Jump to be like, getting a headshot, but for jumps. A sort of “Critical Hit” but for jumping. It’s by no means required for the player to complete the game, but its an advanced skill that adds a degree of skill to jumping.

This is all well and good in theory, but currently there’s sometimes a weird hiccup where sometimes, the player looses all motion and I havent quite been able to figure out why yet. But I’m convinced I’ll figure it out tomorrow. Probably.

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